Portable Log Cabin for just $40,000 has AWESOME Spacious Interior

Portable Log Cabin for just $40,000 has AWESOME Spacious Interior

Up until today, we had absolutely no idea we could find our dream log home as easily as looking it up on Ebay. Wow, what an eye opener its really just that simple! Check out this portable log cabin thats going for just $40,000 and it has a totally awesome spacious interior.

We also just had a crash course on log cabin history. Who knew it went back so far, and was so full of fascinating details? Did you know the first log cabins were probably built in Sweden and Finland several thousand years ago? And according to many historians, the first North American log cabins started appearing in 1638 in a place called Nya Sverige (New Sweden), a Swedish colony along the Delaware River on the Atlantic Coast.

No matter when they started popping up on this continent, perhaps we can all agree that log cabins have been around for a heck of a long time. And its true, theyve blended in with the North American landscape for so many years, that many just assume they were first designed here. Early North American pioneers found them easy to build in forested areas, where they could just cut logs and would not have to haul them very far. Their own history blended well with that of the early settlers, and over the years, log cabins became a powerful symbol for independence. After the American Civil War, log cabins provided those travelling Westward with relatively easy-to-build homes. People were just emerging from a very difficult time, and in log cabins they found a sense of both freedom and safety. The log cabin boom reached its hiatus in the late 19th century, but then slowly began to fade out in North America but as we all know, it never completely disappeared. And now, they are becoming more and more popular once again. Not only can you find them on Ebay, you can find them in many shapes and sizes, and they can even be portable, too!

To learn more about this Portable Log Cabin for just $40,000, please visit the Ebay website below!

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