Petite in Size, but Huge in Style

Petite in Size, but Huge in Style

This tiny cabin on "WHIDBEY ISLAND FABCAB" is a beautiful build that must be seen! The modern tiny cabin uses lots of natural materials from wood, glass and concrete to create this stunning home both inside and out.

This Whitbey Island tiny cabin is a great example of tiny house living at its best. From the outside the tiny home looks anything but small, with lots of windows on the front of the space to enjoy the beautiful surrounding property, along with the use of wood to fit in perfectly with the natural landscape. Inside the tiny cabin are lots of wooden beams, wooden ceiling and floors, with an open kitchen,dining, living area, and a bedroom that also opens into the main living area. There is a fireplace in the open living space, high ceiling and a built wooden bench to sit in front of the length of windows that grace the front of the modern tiny cabin. The kitchen has modern appliances and wooden cupboards, along with concrete countertops that go with the modern feel of the place. The tiny cabin located on Whitbey Island is the perfect location for this modern and appealing tiny house space. This tiny cabin could easily be used to live in full time, with everything you need, or a great place to spend vacations all year along, especially in the ideal location that doesn't get much snow, but its fair share of rainy days, it is in the Pacific Northwest after all.

Whidbey Island is the largest of the islands that compose Island County, Washington, in the United States. Whidbey is approximately 30 miles north of Seattle. The island forms the northern boundary of Puget Sound. Surrounded by scenic ocean and mountain views the Island is in the path of the Gray whale migration that occurs between Whidbey and Camano Islands during March and April and can be seen from both ship and shore. Orca also make use of the waters surrounding Whidbey Island.

It may surprise some, but what tiny homes lack in size they certainly make up for in design and style. With a smaller living space to work with, home owners can get creative and make the most of every bit of their tiny house. Tiny homes are not limited just because they have less space, but quite the opposite. More and more you are seeing unique and tiny house designs that just keep raising the bar. It is an exciting time to see what is going on with tiny home design, and the cool styles and concepts that you can see from all over the world with amaze and inspire you. This site is just one place you can go to take a look.

Some of the unique tiny house photos, designs, and styles you will see on the site include Herston Garden house, 46 North Avenue, the boathouse, Stone House, The Gatehouse, Black Walnut Guesthouse, small cottage, High Plains tiny house, Floating home Muskoka boathouse, The Rio Grande tiny house, Birchwood tiny house, The Treehouse by Baumbraum, Hood River Cabin, Peaceful Log Cabin, Amalfi tiny house living, Victorian Prepper tiny house, little foot tiny house, The Beach Cottage, Writer's Studio Barn, Nat and Roshni's House, house trucks, rolling house, Loras tiny house, electric bed tiny house, Collingwood hut tiny house, Koleliba tiny house, Whitby Island FabCab, Liberation tiny house, Madeline Island Retreat, New Mexico strawbale, cob houses, campers, poorest tourist campy and more. Don't you love that all these tiny house spaces have names?

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