Perfect Tiny Home in the Woods

Perfect Tiny Home in the Woods

Would you love to live in a perfect tiny home in the woods? Well now you have the chance to! Here is a great little property listing on Tiny house Properties that is for sale for only $279,000! This is a great price, considering that it is set on 5 acres of land, and you would have it all to yourself! The house itself is 937 square feet, which is a good size for a couple or smaller family. There is even an upstairs loft with a walk in closet, a kitchen, and a living area with great light in it. There is also an attached garage that could also be used as an extra bedroom, which is nice!

There is even a second garage that is huge, and has a loft space for sleeping, that would be a great place for a home office, or a workshop or studio space. It could be transformed into anything! Or used as a garage for parking an extra vehicle, or other toys like an RV, bikes, motor bikes, kayaks, canoes, ATVs, Quads, Snowmobiles, or maybe a boat. There would definitely be plenty of room on this property to spread out and even build more buildings or a larger home.

There are also 2 wells on the property, which would be good for a second unit if you decided to build. What a great little house to start out in. It is located in Washington, so if you are in the State, that might be a good option if you are looking to buy land or a house. If not, it is always fun to dream and be inspired by what other people have built. On tiny house listings there are lots of houses available, maybe even one in your own area! So check it out! Head over to 'Tiny House Listings' by following the link in the section below for more!

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