Perfect Lake Front Log Home for under 50K!

Perfect Lake Front Log Home for under 50K!

Don't you wish you could have a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city? A way to escape the rush of the everyday? There are so many easy and affordable ways that you can have that Perfect Lake Front Log Home for under 50K! This rustic chic log cabin has two bedroom and two and a half bathrooms, and even has a 436 square foot deck to relax on. These log homes are designed to complement and blend into the natural surroundings of the forest and trees. The wood used for the homes is a great way to bring the outside indoors to your living space. The technology that is going into these log homes is amazing and you can create a one of a kind log cabin of your own. It is important to know that everything is custom when you are building these log homes. Special detail should be paid to the type of wood being used as well. There are so many different types of wood out there, but each one has its own perks and nuisances and a log home builder should be aware of the certain popular wood choice problems:

1) twisting and warping, leading to gaps in the logs and loss of wood-to-wood contact.

2) unpleasant odd odor and dense wood that never really "dries out" creating an environment for molds to grow

3) "soft knots", meaning its knots turn soft or shrink (and fall out altogether), leading to leakage and repairs.

4) smaller trees increase the number of "in-line joints" significantly.

5) hardwood is naturally heavier ( and therefore much more difficult to work with), than most other softwoods.

White Pine stands out for being the best species to use for log walls (in almost every standpoint). Best of all, it will last for generations with the proper tlc! Popularity is rising in Log cabin Kits. More people are demanding simplicity and short-term construction technology. The old ways were time and labor consuming, and exposed the wood to the element and moisture, encouraging the growth of mildew and mold. Additionally, wet wood will warp and cause gaping. So new technology at building beautiful log homes in a quicker amount of time is hitting the market. If you are interested in this lifestyle and think owning a Perfect Lake Front Log Home is in your near future, feel free to visit the website eLogHomes to see some picture galleries full of amazing log homes, and one could be yours for as little as $50k!

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