Perfect 232 Sqft Log Cabin Kit for $18,900 ( See what this price includes )

Perfect 232 Sqft Log Cabin Kit for $18,900 ( See what this price includes )

You can believe it, its true, this is a Log Cabin Kit Perfect For Camp Starting at $18,900. The Shenandoah, is a beautiful, prefabricated log cabin that comes to us from Conestoga Log Cabins. The perfect log cabin for a camp or a resort where friends and families, or groups can gather and meet up and sleep in comfort and rustic style, close to nature. These types of cabins could also be used as a personal recreational cabin as well, to put on your own piece of land to have for year round usage. The cabin you see here is usually used for the camp cabins you would see at a family retreat centre or a camp for boys and girls in the summer time. Often people use these types of places for conferences or group interests where they all meet in a central building, but each have their own little place to sleep for the duration of the conference.

The Shenandoah, is a perfect example of how beautiful these cabins can be in their rustic and simple style. This is what people want when they stay in a cabin like this one, they just want a simple, clean and comfortable place to sleep so these prefabricated cabins would work perfectly. The kits start out at only $18,900, which is a very affordable price. The starting price is usually just for the basic shell of the cabin and doesn't include extra things like plumbing or electric. Usually, to be a turn key option, the starting price can usually be doubled, to factor in the other costs like permits, flooring, lighting, fixtures, the foundation and excavation. These are all things that go along with building any building that cost extra.

These kits, include all of the materials to build the cabin, plus they also come with the beds and mattresses, which is a nice addition, considering that beds can end up being a very expensive item to purchase. The Shenandoah cabin, is a two bedroom unit, which would be perfect for a family to stay in, or some friends. Each bedroom could have one bed or even a couple of beds, or, they could have bunk beds, depending on what the camp would be used for. The front room could also be used as a living room type area depending on the desired use for the cabin. These cabins have a lovely front porch on them as well, which would be a great place to hang out on a warm day.

Conestoga Log Cabins offers top quality log homes and cabin kits and they have been in the business since 1983. They strive to provide the most durable and affordable structures to people who want to build a log home or cabin. Their company is based out of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and they ship all over the world to satisfied customers who all love their products. There are many testimonials you can read as well, that show how well loved their products are. They have a great team that is ready and willing to help you in whatever way they need to, so that all customers get the product they want. Prefabricated log homes and cabins are a great way to build the cabin you have been dreaming of, and depending on the size, it could be very affordable. Conestoga Log Cabins also has a variety of different floor plans that will suit a wide array of different people's needs and desires.

So what does this little log cabin kit include at it's price tag of $18,900? Head on over to Conestoga Log Cabins for a detailed breakdown

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