Peek Inside the World's Tiniest Irish Pub

Peek Inside the World's Tiniest Irish Pub

Are you a huge pub-goer? “I am! And if ever I get the chance, I would go to all the pubs all over the world! That’s my biggest dream.” Well, that is quite ambitious. But hey, I will help you fulfill that big dream of yours! *winks* And we will start with the smallest. “What do you mean the smallest?” Let me put it this way: if there is a tiny house, then there is also a tiny pub. The tiniest of all pubs, people! We will begin with the smallest bar in the world! This would be a lovely start in making your big dream come true. So, get ready to be wasted in The Shebeen, the world’s tiniest pub.

The Shebeen is an Irish pub on wheels. The small space of the pub provides a huge business. It is located in Galway in Ireland. Originally, the pub mobile is a 30-year-old caravan. By May 2014, it is then converted into a pub. The pub is a close replica of a traditional old Irish bar. The interior of the pub is made from Irish oak which has been stained and distressed to create a vintage-like atmosphere. For the flooring, solid pines are used. The seats are created from woods “to create a vintage effect.” As you can see in the pub’s walls, mirrors and selected pub memorabilia are hanged for adornment. The pub offers a fully functional mobile bar, seating for ten people, a cooler and taps, an electric stove heater, a music sound system, led lighting, electric sockets for additional appliances, fold-down windows for outdoor entertaining, original High Nelly bicycle, and window boxes and inserts. This bar has it all even if it is small! *winks*

And the greatest news? The Shebeen can be rented for any occasions! As stated in pub’s website, “The Shebeen is the perfect novelty addition to any event. Make it a centre point of your wedding reception, create a buzz at your corporate conference party, park it in your back garden to celebrate your partner’s 40th, gather a group together and create your own mini-festival. Whatever the occasion, The Shebeen offers an atmosphere unlike any other, to make your event a memorable one.”

So, would you like to see the world’s tiniest pub? Just click on 'The Shebeen' website below for more photos and information.

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