Peek Inside the Prettiest Little Rustic Home

Peek Inside the Prettiest Little Rustic Home

There are so many tiny homes these days, all with their own unique style and charm. You must take a Peek Inside the Prettiest Little Rustic Home! I usually love any tiny rustic home, but the way that this one is decorated and laid out is truly adorable. A person definitely doesn't have to scrimp on style just to have functionality. The couple who now lives in this cute little cabin home, used to live in New York. So they traded their urban life for one with a bit more simplicity. But they definitely didn't trade in their style!

As you will see in this great article, featuring photos of their home, they have utilized the space here so fabulously and have kept their space very minimal, which is appealing. The key to good design is to use common colours throughout the home to create a flow and a feel to the home. You don't necessarily have to have all the rooms to match 100%, however, a consistent theme is usually something you want to have and stick to. I like how, for example, they have used the very soft, natural green tones and creme or off white. It makes for a nice open and airy feeling in the small home.

The nice light wood, as you will see also helps to make the space feel larger and more open. And of course, the skylights and the great windows they have throughout the home make for great amounts of natural light to come in. The details that they chose actually make it look like a normal apartment or home, not a house on wheels. Which is nice, because you want your tiny home to feel just like any other home you would own, with all of the things you would choose any way.

With their kitchen and bathroom in a tight space together, you would assume that it would be quite the feat to make it work for two people. But the way they have planned out all the counter space and the shower complete with a barrel tub, it is just the perfect amount of space. They actually seem to have more counter space than I presently have in my kitchen at the moment. The mason jars add a really nice touch as you will see, and they are super affordable storage! Head over to Country Living by following the link in the description below for more!

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