Peanut Butter Buckeye Bars

Peanut Butter Buckeye Bars

Peanut Butter Buckeye Bars are the perfect summer treat. Sweet and salty, rich and delicious. This no bake indulgence will delight and satisfy kids and adults alike. Made with peanut butter, chocolate and pretzels, let it set and chill in the fridge before serving. Ashley, a former teacher, turned blogger loves to spend her days in the kitchen trying new recipes, creating new recipes and taking old recipes and re vamping them to suite her indulgences. The recipes that turn our awesome are the ones that make the cut, are found on her blog 'Center Cut Cook'. From old favorites with new twists or recipes created from scratch, you will find something to tempt your creativity and your craving. In need of meal inspiration? Search the Best Of, Casseroles, Grilling, How To, Vitamix Blender and many other categories. Or, try her BLT Pasta Salad or the Southwest Quinoa Salad. Check out the Chocolate Lasagna! The pictures look AMAZING! And yes, you absolutely won't regret trying the Peanut Butter Buckeye Bars.

What is a Buckeye? A buckeye refers to several different things. Most obviously perhaps is the eye of a male deer. A buck eye. Groaner, I know. In the U.S we have the Buckeye state, otherwise know as Ohio. Buckeyes are also the seeds from a variety of trees. The hard round nut looking seeds are dark in color with a lighter center that looks very much got it, a buck eye. Hence the name for the trees with those particular seeds. Those seeds are believed by some to bring good fortune and are frequently found in the pockets of school children, maybe even some adults. The nuts of these distinctive trees that flower in early spring, were prized by the Native Americans for their protein content. While the seeds are poisonous, once boiled, the toxins are removed and you are left with a very nutritional food. They were also used to cure rheumatism and other minor ailments.

Besides being an eye of a deer and a seed from a particular type of tree, Buckeye is also used to refer to people from the state of Ohio. Naturally I assumed that it must be that there are a lot of Buckeye trees in Ohio. You know what the say about assuming.... The term Buckeye was first recorded in 1788 in reference to Col. Ebenezer Sproat who led a delegate to the very first court session held in Marietta, Northwest Territory (which is now Ohio). Impressed with Sproat's stature and manner, the Native people's shouted out "Hetuk, Hetuck." Which translated is Buckeye. The nickname stuck and Col. Sproat carried it proudly for the rest of his life. The name Buckeye gradually spread to the other locals, and therefore, people hailing from Ohio are sometimes called Buckeyes. So now we know what a buckeye is. For the complete Peanut Butter Buckeye Bar recipe, visit 'Center Cut Cook' or follow the link below.

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