Park Model RV Home Built From a Train Caboose

Park Model RV Home Built From a Train Caboose

This Bespoke Park Model RV Home Built From a Train Caboose is a real tiny home, believe it or not. This particular tiny home was produced by North Park Manufacturing Company of Minocqua, Wisconsin, which produces custom designs. One of the employees there shared these photos. This tiny home is built to look like a caboose, but it is really a park model RV home. What an amazing and fun new home this could turn out to be. North Park Manufacturing that built the caboose home has ten years of experience in this type of design and custom build. The design even contains some real memorabilia, contributed to the construction of the caboose by one of the engineers, who helped aid in the design of the project. So this caboose is considered to be a very special build by many of those who participated in the project.

The interior is quite spectacular, finished in various fine woods on the floor as well as on the walls. Large windows let in plenty of light, so the small structure seems and feels much bigger and more spacious than you might expect from such a tiny space. The web site shows lots of shots of the interior both before and after it has been decorated, so this gives you a good idea of how much you can put in to this surprisingly spacious, yet tiny area. This little caboose is only about twelve feet across and about four hundred square feet in area. So it just fits the tiny home criterion in terms of size.

The tiny home movement is basically a movement to downsize homes that many people are turning to. The average American home today runs about 2,600 square feet. The typical small home or tiny home runs about one hundred to four hundred square feet. These homes can be very creative and quite impressive looking, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, types and colors. Some of them are built on wheels so the owners are quite mobile. Some homes may contain toilets and larger or smaller bathrooms. As you can imagine, bathtubs are a bit rare whereas showers are a more likely find in one of these tiny homes.

People have become involved in the tiny home movement for different reasons. Often, though, people join for concern with over consumption and harm to the environment, financial worries about paying for an average sized home, and the desire to be free of the labor and work of owning an average sized home. So for all of these reasons more and more people are choosing a tiny home for their own. And being tiny, costs plummet, allowing people to carefully customize and use high end finishes they could not afford in a regular sized home. These homes are truly amazing spaces. You can see this home and many more at the website, so check it out!

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