Park Model Log Cabin for Sale is $40,000

Park Model Log Cabin for Sale is $40,000

With prices skyrocketing on properties and homes in some places in North America, not many people can afford to live the cliche "American Dream" any more, so many are turning to more affordable options so that they can live a life that is free from stress and having to worry about money and debt. This great 2007 Breckenridge Park Model is a great way to purchase a full time home or a recreational cabin to stay at on weekends or in the summer! Buying a preexisting home can be much more affordable than buying new or building a new home, especially if it is a log home. Log homes can be fairly expensive to buy new or to construct new, even if they are on the smaller side like this one is. This is because logs are one of the top building supplies to build houses with.

This 2007 Breckenridge Park Model log home, is listed up on the Tiny House Listings website, a great source for checking out tiny houses for sale all over the United States and even into Canada. You can browse in your area to find something that would be easy to pick up yourself or pay to get delivered. Some of the sellers will deliver for a fee, some for free, depending on the distance they need to travel to get the home to you if it is a mobile unit. In this case, it is a stationary home, located at 30886 Eagle lake Rd, near Frazee, Minnesota in the United States. The owners want $40,000 for it and the lease on the property is $2500 per year, but the fee will be waved the first year, which is a nice way to start out.

The home is 400 square feet in total, with one bedroom and one bathroom. There is also a sleeping loft that would work great for kids to sleep in. There is a full kitchen in the unit with a dining area as well. There are lots of great sized windows to allow in a ton of natural light. They also mention that the house has a great view of Eagle Lake from the window of the tiny house. The lovely deck on the house would be the perfect place to relax on warmer days and enjoy having friends over for a cocktail or tea in the evening. It looks to be a similar style to mobile homes, but with a log home look which is very nice. This is a wonderful place to have a cabin where you can enjoy water sports as well as many different hiking trails and nature walks in the area. This would be a fabulous home for a vacation rental, or a nice tiny house to live in all year round. It was only built in 2007, so is only just about 8 years old. What a great deal for a nice sized home!

Tiny House Listings is an awesome place to check out tiny houses for sale. If you are in the market for a tiny house, this is the place to check out! There are so many new ones coming available all of the time. Even if you are not in the market for a tiny house, it is always so inspirational to see the houses that people live in and that are for sale. Tiny house living is creating a real revolution in housing, with more and more people realizing that they don't need to live in a big and fancy house to have a beautiful and happy life, tiny houses are really becoming highly regarded as the next step forward for a lot of people in America. With prices like this, you could be able to save so much money and pay off debts, and then have more money to live your passions. More money to go traveling and do the things you have always wanted to do!

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