Painted Lady Tiny Victorian House

Painted Lady Tiny Victorian House

This may just be one of the most darling little tiny house you've ever seen! The Painted Lady Tiny Victorian House, is called so, because it has all sorts of different colors of paint covering the exterior. It looks very Victorian indeed, with the nice almost pastel shades of green and orange and gold tones too, a total of six different colors. Such a creative way to paint the outside of a tiny house, making it look very welcoming and artsy. The tiny home really does have a magical, whimsical feel to it and could pass for a very fancy play house or a large scale doll house.

I currently live in a city called Victoria, where these kind of houses are seen a lot, but they are the larger scale versions of this sweet little one. People in town paint their homes all different colors, and some have so many colors on them it's like a paint by number. I love all things wild and weird, so I love the bold colored houses, and really feel they have a lot of personality! The brighter the better, it just shows that the person inside is not afraid to express themselves and that is really great!

This tiny house is 12 feet by 26 feet and has a gorgeous solid wood interior throughout the house. There is a great kitchen with an awesome large white sink, and plenty of cupboard space. There is a Murphy bed to pull down that saves a lot of space when it's not in use. There are lots of storage spaces in the place too, which make it even more organized and easy to live in. Even the built in sofa turns into a bed! There is also air conditioning which you gotta love!

This colorful tiny house has a full kitchen that has an under counter Sub Zero refrigerator/freezer. The glassed in shower has 1890s circa galvanized interlocking roofing shingles and a river rock floor for lots of character. The tiny house has front and back covered porches, perfect for sitting out and enjoying some morning tea. The tiny house has a split air conditioning system that is nearly silent and cools the place with high efficiency. The tiny house has a built in couch that can double as a spare bed as well. Inside the dark wood makes the tiny house feel antique, also adding character to this cute tiny house build.

On the Tiny Texas Houses site you will find tiny houses that are one of a kind creations. This site has no set models, tiny house floorplans or prices. They build to create the Tiny House, tiny cabin, tiny house retreat or tiny cottage of your dreams! Their goal is to build a tiny house just like our ancestors did, a tiny house that will last for a hundred yeas and more. They use the best of old world building techniques combined with the best that new technology has to offer for things like insulation and energy savings. They like reduce, reuse and recycle in everything they do. So the tiny houses that you see will be 99 percent pure salvage. That means that everything from the doors, windows, floors, lumber, porch posts, door hardware, glass, and even the siding has been saved and re-used to create tiny houses that they hope will last for a century or more.

Tiny Texas Houses have been designed and built with the best trees ever harvested, along with the best hardware made, and great salvaged materials to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint, be sustainable, simplify our lives, and live in a healthy tiny house that will be energy efficient as well as beautiful and unique. Building a tiny home should be experience, and the results should be a tiny house that fits your personality and lifestyle!

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