Out of a movie! Southern Wrap Around Porch on this Log Home (the Madison) for just 75K.

Out of a movie! Southern Wrap Around Porch on this Log Home (the Madison) for just 75K.

Log homes are always going to be a practical and economical type of housing and they have been around for years. This log home seriously looks like it's Out of a movie! Southern Wrap Around Porch on this Log Home, The Madison, for just 75K. This is the way to go if you want to have a home that is not only beautiful and cozy, but also if you want to be more conscious about the environment. Most log kit distributers offer log kits with logs form sustainable tree farms now. There are so many places now that you can order pre fabricated log homes and cabins from, eLog Homes makes it easy and as affordable as possible and doesn't spare anything when it comes to quality materials and service.

This particular home, The Madison has plans that you can buy so that you have all the proper blueprints to give to contractors and for permits. The plans themselves start at $299 and you get 2 copies for that price. The plans are an essential part of the building process and are a must have to get. TheMadison is a gorgeous Southern looking home from eLog Homes, and is 530 square feet in the upper level and 1232 square feet on the lower level. The beautiful wrap around deck is a large area at 356 square feet, and the entire square footage is 1762 square feet.

The Madison features 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom on the main level and the master bedroom upstairs with its own bathroom. The dining room and kitchen are connected with an open concept and an island in between, which makes for great entertaining space. The house does look like it is in fact out of a movie, it reminds me of the ones seen on the Jonny Cash movie Walk the Line. They did use that as their full time house too, which I thought was nice to live out in nature, it helps us to ground and connect to the important things in life.

Not only do log homes look gorgeous, they are also very energy efficient and eco friendly. Logs have their own insulation properties and can really help to repel moisture and keep out the cold in the winter months. They stand for decades if they are properly taken care of and they never need to be repainted with paint that has harsh chemicals that aren't good for us or the environment. Head over to eLog Homes by following the link in the description below for more on this beautiful log home and others.

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