Our Favorite Small Log Cabin Plans

Our Favorite Small Log Cabin Plans

Thinking of building your own log cabin and trying to figure out the best design? Then you might want to check out these excellent small log cabin plans. Talk about compact and cozy! One of these could be just what youre looking for. With their classic log cabin style combined with time-tested efficiency, these log cabins range from 432 square feet to just over 1100 square feet. Whether you want to live in your log cabin all year long, or just have it as your special weekend retreat, these small log cabin plans can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

The log cabin is truly one of Americas best-loved symbols of natural-living, independence, and freedom. Although we often believe log cabins were first made in North America, this actually isnt true. We can credit the concept of log cabins to early Swedish immigrants who settled in Delaware way back in 1638. Coming from an old tradition of log home builders, they were very excited when they first viewed the American landscape because, with all of its wooded areas, it reminded them of Sweden. Feeling at home, they started building their traditional houses in no time flat.

Even though they started popping up in the mid 1600s, log homes still werent very common until the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783, when the 13 Colonies of what is now the United States all came together to fight for independence against the British. Thats when the idea of log homes began to spread throughout the colonies and started growing in popularity until the American Civil War (1861-1865). As the early American settlers migrated farther and farther west, so did the appearance of log cabins in the landscape.

To see all of these wonderful small log cabin plans and to choose the one you like best, please visit the Stand Out Cabin Designs website below!

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