Optimized for Maximum Space-Saving Potential (Click to View Floor Plan)

Optimized for Maximum Space-Saving Potential (Click to View Floor Plan)

This beautiful Small House Design By Dinell Johansson shows that style and sophistication don't just belong to the largest homes, but can also exist in small houses like this one featured on Small Spaces Addiction. For some time now, the mainstream mentality has allocated larger homes as a sign of status and wealth, to mark one's social status. The larger the home, the higher the social status. So, naturally, people have gravitated toward wanting larger and larger homes to be approved of by members of society and to be highly regarded within their own family units as well. Smaller homes were often seen as for the modest man with a modest income, which is not at all a bad thing, but it didn't garner the same attention that owning a large home did. This social standard has been undergoing somewhat of a review in the last few decades, as the newer generations are prioritizing much differently than the generations beforehand. Most people who are of the age group to be purchasing a home are rethinking the whole thought process of choosing out a home and with this comes reconsidering the necessary size of a home.

Tiny houses are revolutionizing the way people are building and purchasing homes presently. People are realizing that the smaller built homes not only have a lower impact on the amount of debt they will incur, but they also have a lower impact on the Earth because of the much lower carbon footprint that comes with them. In a small home, you naturally do not need as much energy and electricity to heat it, or power it for light fixtures. The appliances can be smaller which also reduces energy consumption and there is less area to furnish, cutting down on the amount of resources necessary to fabricate items. Other benefits of having a small home are that it takes much less time, and energy to clean so one won't need to hire a part time maid, or spend their time cleaning themselves.

This lovely small house design by Dinell Johansson is remarkable in it's curb appeal as well as in its interior design quality. The exterior of the home takes a neutral, minimalistic approach, with the white siding and the large windows with sliding glass doors to open up the space to the outdoors. There are multiple entrances on two sides of the home making the small home very accessible from the outside. The slate patio provides wonderful outdoor seating space, and the back yard gives space to enjoy the outside world in privacy. The interior of the small home is very sleek and stunning. As you can see, though it is small, they have made very good use of the square footage of the small house and devised a floor plan that really works beautifully in the small space. Lofts make great use of space by creating storage and sleeping areas with stair access. The lofts are large enough to stand up in as well, and are open to the lower level of the house creating a nice, airy feel.

As is completely necessary for a small house, there is so much closet storage space. In tiny houses, there must be adequate storage space to store away items, and when they can be hidden behind doors, it is even better because then the small space will not feel as cluttered. The kitchen in the space is also beautiful, with the island creating an open concept that flows into the rest of the home. Check out more photos of this great design on Small Spaces Addiction!

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