Only for People Who Want to Experience How Living in a Dream House Actually Feels Like

Only for People Who Want to Experience How Living in a Dream House Actually Feels Like

Log homes have always been a popular choice in home builds, log homes can be modern, rustic, friendly, comfortable, cosy and eco friendly, there is a log home design to suit every taste and style. This "Madison Plan D Log Design, Modified," is an inspiring log home build that will get you thinking about log homes.

The photos gallery of the Madison Plan D log home is an example of the type of quality log homes available from this complany, the place is cozy and grand at the same time with its wrap around patio, log railings around the patio, that would be perfect for sitting out and viewing the forest scenery. Inside you have pine paneling in bath, bedrooms and dining area. The wood cabinets, high ceiling and country interior design, show you what sorts of things you can have and do with a log home.

Honest Abe Log Homes were founded by Janie Smith and her late husband, Doug, who built the first Honest Abe log home in the late 1970's, their two children were raised in that log home, the whole family now plays a part in running the family business. It was always a dream of Doug's to live in a log home, he loved log homes so much, and wanted to help other people realize their dreams of log home living. This company loves what they do, they can't imagine living in any other type of home, they are proud to offer log home products and services for others to enjoy too. This is the type of log home company you want to talk to, one that is not only passionate about what they do, but people who also live in log homes and log cabins, so they know exactly what they are talking about.

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