Only for Nature Lovers Who Are Eager to Escape Stress

Only for Nature Lovers Who Are Eager to Escape Stress

"A small log cabin nestled in the woods" is the perfect place to stay and get away from all that technology we are surrounded by all day. Staying in a log cabin is a great way to alleviate some of the stress we are surrounded by in the busy cities we live in and get a bit of rest and relaxation.

Being around nature is the best way destress and reset yourself. Hiking, walking and just being in nature feels good, and we need to do that for ourselves as much as possible, which isn't always easy but great when you manage to get away for a bit. Log cabins are a wonderful way to warm your heart and calm your nerves. This lovely log cabin is tucked away in the mountains of northwest Montana. It is a charming log cabin that overlooks Whitefish Lake. The log cabin itself was a collaborative effort between the homeowner and the Architect Scott Elden of MT Creative. The log cabin is 700 square feet in size, and features a front facing gable with a shed roof porch. The log cabin has a massive and impressive stone chimney which anchors the log cabin along the one side. Surrounded by nature and trees, this rustic log cabin is sure to please.

There something about a log cabin or log home that just makes us feel cozy and comfortable. Typically once inside a log cabin, log home or log chalet there is a fireplace or wood stove that you can use to heat up the place, a fire also has a way of taking us back to nature, the crackling of the wood, the warm glow and the heat making us feel at home.

Most of us are familiar with log cabins and log homes, whether you have stayed in one when you went on that mountainside ski or snowboarding trip, or the time your family rented one during the summer for your oceanside retreat. Most often if you are staying in a log home or log cabin it is located close to nature, in a spot close to mountains, ocean, forest, tress, country or on a farm. Maybe this is what attracts us to log homes and log cabins, there is something grounding about where they are located, something that just makes us feel at home, taking us possibly to a simpler, less fast paced time in our lives. Or perhaps its that connection to when we have stayed in a log cabin, possibly because often they are used when people are on holiday and not stressed from work life. A log home or log cabin is typically a home that has been built out of logs. Log homes have been around for thousands of years, as they were a type of build that made sense by using what was available on the land. In areas such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States and Russia, log home construction was the most popular building technique. As these areas have lots of tall and straight coniferous trees, like spruce and pine trees to use. In areas of the world that are warmer and deciduous trees are more readily available, you will find more timber framed homes being built.

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