Only $8700 Lugarde Log Cabin - Click for Floor Plans

Only $8700 Lugarde Log Cabin - Click for Floor Plans

Looking for a nice, affordable log cabin? This Lugarde Bordeaux Log Cabin 3.5m x 7.0m, is a wonderful one to have a look at and would be awesome to build as a backyard cabin or a little vacation spot at the lake or in the woods. The Lagarde Bordeaux log cabin, is one of the gorgeous cabins from Simply Log Cabins, a company based out of the United Kingdom. There are so many uses that this cabin would be wonderful for on top of being a recreational place. When they are built in people's back yards, often what you will see, is that they turn them into little studio apartments. They are enough room to house a couple or a single person most times and gives more privacy and more light than renting out the basement as a suite.

When people don't use their backyard anyway, they figure they might as well make an income from using it if they can. Also, with the housing crisis many cities are facing, we need more houses built to be rented out to people. So it is perfect for someone to us the land they already have, and put it to good use. Not only helping themselves by gaining extra income but giving someone else a place to live in. The units are fairly affordable too, like this Lagarde Bordeaux cabin is only 5, 735 pounds for example. Depending on fair rent prices, that money could be made back within a few months time.

This log cabin would have enough room to be a small studio or bachelor apartment. There is enough room for a little bathroom area, with a small shower, and a little kitchenette at one end of the unit. While the other area would be used as the lounging and sleeping quarters. A futon style bed or a pull-out couch would suit a space like this quite nicely, with enough room to sit with guests. There are a few windows included in the package already, which is great since windows can tend to be expensive. The windows are essential in a smaller place like this one, to light up the space naturally and to have some good airflow, and, of course, views of outside. The double doors also have full windows in them, which looks great and allows in light too. They include everything that is needed to built the kit and you should be able to build it yourself with the assistance of a friend or helper. All of the parts are made to fit together easily, and they include all of the documents and instructions you need to follow to built the cabin.

You can get them to stain and finish the wood paneling for you to seal it and protect it from the elements and general wear and tear. There are other options you can add onto these types of log home kits too, like a patio or different shingles. The team will assist you in making and necessary modifications to the existing floor plan if you want to change it up and tailor it to your preferences. Prefabricated home kits are a great way to build any project that you would like to make a reality and people have been using prefab kits to build homes since the early 1900s. Check into this great Lagarde Bordeaux log cabin design and see what you think, and then check out more of the awesome cabins they offer on the Simply Log Homes website. There is a wide variety of different styles and sizes. They even sell gazebos for your garden, garages and carports, as well as sheds and play sets for kids. This company is one of the leading log kit sellers in the United Kingdom!

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