One of Many Stunning Log Hmes by Pioneer Log Homes of BC

One of Many Stunning Log Hmes by Pioneer Log Homes of BC

This Log Home 21 is the type of log home that you can easily imagine spending time with family and friends, making treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Not only is the log cabin build beautiful with it's large logs, screened in porch and front patio overlooking the lake. But the log cabin sits in such a stunning location, which is a large part of what log cabin living is all about. This log cabin checks off all the boxes when it comes to what people want in a log home or log cabin design. From a stunning style that fits in perfectly with is lakeside location, to the use of large logs for the beams and posts, the stones used for the fireplace to the cedar shingles used in the siding. This log home looks like it should be sitting where it is, perched in a location just above a beautiful lake. The log home builder for this log cabin is Pioneer Log Homes. Located in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada they have been building log homes, log cabins and log lodges since 1973.

Pioneer Log Homes is a company that believes in giving back to the environment that provides them with the quality wood they use in their log home builds. It is important to ensure that the forest where the get their logs from is always thriving, so they are committed to sustainable forest practices. Pioneer takes great pride in managing the renewal and reforestation of the forests. Their business and everyone's future depend on it, and they return the favor back to the forests. Building green is one of the most important things you can do, for not only environmental reasons but socially and economically too.

The log home builders use a lot of Western Red Cedar in their log homes. Western Red Cedar has for centuries been used by the aboriginal people of the Pacific Northwest. The wood is revered for its beauty and durability, along with it's amazing resistance to rot and decay. Once these trees are harvested for use in log homes and log cabins, the Pioneer crews go back into the forests and begin reforestation by using native tree species that include the Western Red Cedar. Each year more than 200 million seedlings that are planted just in British Columbia and over 650 million planted throughout Canada. In building log homes, there is a large responsibility to the forests and future generations to ensure that there are healthy new forests. The company has to act by the strict British Columbia Forest Practices Code, so that is important to know when you are considering the logs that will be used in your future log home. You want a log home that meets these high standards, a home that you feel good living in.

Pioneer Log Homes realizes that it's up to our generation to preserve and conserve the natural beauty and strength of our ecosystem. When you build green, you know that you are using logs that come from well maintained and managed forests, and you are making a good environmental decision. Did you know that building a log home, is also a healthy decision for you? A log home breathes, and when you live in a log home, you benefit from living in an environment that is good to breathe in and good for you.We all know that trees are good for our environment. On average an acre of healthy growing trees is able to absorb close to three tons of carbon dioxide and can release up to two tons of oxygen. That is good news for us and the planet!

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