OMG Brilliant Design You Have to See INSIDE this Tiny Home

OMG Brilliant Design You Have to See INSIDE this Tiny Home

Hope Cottage is more than just a cottage. Much more. It’s a tiny house, on wheels, that raises the bar for all other tiny homes. Hope Cottage has been described as a “glamping bed and breakfast” and was built to allow visitors a cozy place to escape from the weight of the world. Built with an eye for design and with high quality materials, Hope Cottage makes living in a small space feel less like a trade-off and more like a trade up.

Hope Cottage was the first of its kind to be built by Kerry Alexander of Hope Island Cottages, meaning, it was Kerry’s first build of a tiny cottage on wheels. Kerry’s belief at the outset says it all. He states, “I figure that if the house you’re creating is very small, you might as well put some of the time and money saved on square footage into good design and quality materials. In fact, in a tiny house, good design becomes all the more important.” He couldn't be more correct.

It starts on the outside, with the exterior cladding, a combination of vertical and horizontal timber siding to give that rustic, log cabin look despite the cottage being quite modern in design. It contains two shed dormers, one on either side of the rood, and a bump-out on both ends which helps to maximize the internal living space. It also boasts a metal roof which is lightweight and durable (and sounds absolutely wonderful during a rain shower).

Speaking of showers, Hope Cottage is a tiny home that packs a punch. It has a full bathroom, including a 2-person sauna. This is what really sets this tiny house apart from all others. In this house, the bathroom has really been made a priority. Not only is there a sauna, there is also a large shower, a flushing toilet, dressing area, closet and a vanity sink with storage drawers. The sauna bench seat is water tight, allowing for even further storage. Another neat feature are the LED lights which turn on when entering the bathroom and turn off automatically 5 minutes after exiting (which allows for enough time to get up the stairs and comfortably into bed before the darkness descends).

And as for stairs, this little cottage doesn’t have your typical ladder to the loft, it has a full set of rise and tread stairs which double as further storage. This makes the sleeping space more accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The stairs lead to the loft which, thanks to the dormers, numerous windows and skylights, feels quite spacious for a tiny house with a gable roof (and is far better, more comfortable and more private, than doubling your sofa as a pull-out bed, which many tiny houses seem to utilize).

The inside of Hope Cottage is floor to ceiling wood. The light wood actually helps to keep the small interior light and bright with the help of multiple windows and a double Dutch door. The front of the house also has a spacious living area that includes a built-in storage/sofa unit, a flat screen TV and a fairly spacious kitchen (that utilizes all the storage space underneath the stairs). In fact, all of the normal luxuries we’ve come to expect in our homes can be found in Hope Cottage, complete with WIFI and TV with Chromecast.

Placed in a natural evergreen setting, Hope Cottage is a tiny home that maximizes space but still provides a warm, relaxing space to revitalize and detox. It is a must stay for anyone traveling to La Conner, Washington!

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