Old Railroad Boxcar Converted Into A Tiny Home

Old Railroad Boxcar Converted Into A Tiny Home

You can find many styles of tiny homes and small homes all over the world, from strawbale homes, yurts and underground homes, each a unique reflection of both its owner and the builder. This "Old Railroad Boxcar Converted Into A Tiny Home," is yet another original tiny home design to see.

This tiny house is located on Lake Washington, on four acres of wooded property. The tiny house is built inside of an old railroad boxcar and is 260 square feet. The exterior is painted a nice red with black trim and railing. Inside you will be surprised at just how beautifully it is done, being both stylish and modern. The interior has unique white and wood ceilings that make the place feel large, with a dark bathroom that feels especially modern. The tiny house owned by the Davidson family, is placed on real rail for an authentic railroad boxcar experience and feel. The tiny house can be rented out when the family is on holiday. The tiny house has a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom, a washer and dryer and storage. It's a beautiful tiny house to live in and to spend a nice vacation.

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