Old Fashioned Lakehouse Log Home for $33k with MUST See Floor Plans

Old Fashioned Lakehouse Log Home for $33k with MUST See Floor Plans

If you love the classic style and appeal of a rustic log cabin, the Lakehouse log cabin design is a lovely log cabin to choose. The cabin package from eLog Homes features 720 square feet of space along with two bedrooms and one bathroom which is more than enough space for a family or a couple to enjoy for vacations or even as a full-time home. Small log cabins like this one are wonderful for building a log cabin on a budget and to keep things minimal and simple. If you're just using your log cabin for weekend getaways and summer vacations, you probably won't need a lot of space so the floor plan of this cabin should work very well. Even as a small home this cabin could work for a single person or a couple if they don't need a lot of space to live in. Small log cabins aren't just more affordable for purchasing and building, they are also a lot more affordable to maintain longterm as well. Small log cabins are a lot easier and more efficient to heat and cool so it will be a lot more economical and eco-friendly to have a smaller space. You'll find that a small log cabin will retain heat a lot easier than a large log cabin, and since logs have a great R-value as it is your cabin will stay nice and toasty.

When you are building a log cabin using one of the log cabin kits from eLog Homes, you get all of the preliminary blueprints for your log house for only $299.95. This includes all of the drawings for your floor plan for the front, rear, right and left views of the design. You get two sets, one for your own building purposes and one for city planning so you can obtain any permits you'll need to build a log cabin in your area. You should always check with your local city hall before building anything on your property to make sure that you get all of the permits and inspections necessary before you begin building. If you're building on a new property, you'll also have to make sure that you have utilities like water, sewage and electric in place or get them installed before you begin. You will also need to have a foundation set up for your log cabin or home as well before you begin building a log cabin on your property. Other things you'll have to look into are the finishings for your log cabin such as interior walls, cabinetry, appliances, sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs and heating sources as well. So always be sure to make a list with prices of all the extra items you'll need to get your log house finished.

When you're building a log cabin with eLog Homes, besides choosing the perfect log cabin design you can also choose the shape of the logs that go into your cabin. Choose from the original classic full log which is rounded on both sides, inside and outside, the classic square shaped log which is flat on both sides, a contemporary bevel, a double four bevel and a notch lap. You can also decide what style of a corner you'd like your log cabin to have as well including the dovetail corner which is one of the more popular styles, saddle notch, notch and pass, contemporary which is very flush at the corner and craftsman which has a cap on the corners. You can check out many different small log cabin designs and plans over on the eLog Homes website and see which one stands out to you.***

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