Now You Can Build Your Own Personal Retreat for Just $8,000

Now You Can Build Your Own Personal Retreat for Just $8,000

If you have been dreaming of building now you can build your own personal retreat for just $8,000. You will definitely want to check out these great small log home plans from Beaver Log Cabins, a great log cabin manufacturer from Ireland. These small log home plans would make for a wonderful tiny house to downsize into, for families who need an extra room. Having a smaller log cabin on your property is perfect for using as a separate guest house for your own personal guests. Or you can rent it out to people visiting your area, which is a nice way to meet people from all over the world. There is also the option to rent these out as a lane way house if they have a bedroom and a bathroom inside. This provides an awesome option for students who don't want to live in a dorm but don't have the funds needed to rent a full sized apartment downtown. This is a great way for you to make some extra income that would perhaps help you pay off your own mortgage sooner. Other people love these small log home plans for use as a home office, even a home gym. They can also be used as a creative space for a music studio or an art studio, even as a meditation room. These prefab log cabin kits can be used for a wide variety of uses, and even better, they are fairly easy to assemble too. With the help of some friends, a small log cabin could be assembled within a weekend.

All of the wood they use in the prefab log cabin kits are sourced from sustainable tree farms. At a sustainable tree plantation, trees are grown for building purposes and nothing is wasted. Each part of the tree is able to be used for something, and even the bark that is peeled from the tree trunk will be used for wood chips that can be used as ground cover in landscaping, pet bedding, compost material and burning to use as energy. In a sustainable tree plantation the trees are always replenished and replanted after they are cut down to be used in producing prefab log cabin kits or other building materials. This why trees are such a great resource, because of how renewable they are. Logs will also last a very long time when they are taken care of year after year, and some log homes have stood as long as one hundred years or more.

Beaver Log Cabins is a top log cabin manufacturer in Ireland and they offer two different categories of prefab log cabin kits through their website. They offer the Gold prefab log cabin kits which consist of high quality timber which is pine in their case. This Scandinavian pine that is used in their quality products, insures less warping in their log cabin builds and the logs are able to grow in a slow, quality controlled environment which increases their density and strength. All of Beaver Log Cabins' prefab log cabin kits are pre cut and created to be ready to assemble when the package is delivered to the building site. Log homes and cabins have such a high value that keeps growing year after year. In the other category of Beaver Log Cabins, you will see the Bronze Range of log cabin kits. These log cabin kits are offered for lower prices so they have a log cabin for every budget and need. Some of these log cabins could be used as sheds or pool houses to house garden and pool supplies. So make sure you have a look through all of their wonderful designs and floor plans you might just see something you love enough to order or inquire about.*

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