Now This is a Well Laid Out and Perfectly Planned out Tiny Home

Now This is a Well Laid Out and Perfectly Planned out Tiny Home

Now this is a well laid out and perfectly planned out tiny home. This post, Tiny House Basics shows you that you a good layout is a basic necessity of the tiny house. The house is featured on Tiny House Swoon, and belongs to Shelley and Joshua, where they have it on a gorgeous piece of land in Northern California. The home itself is 224 square feet, but the way they have designed it, makes it look exceptionally larger and more open!

The most important thing about tiny houses is getting the design and layout perfect for your own needs, as well as the general flow of the house. Some tiny houses and cabins end up looking a lot of space because of the way that they have been planned out. Some times putting a bathroom and a kitchen at one end of the house can save you a ton of space for the living area and bedroom. I have seen a lot of different tiny homes and even lived in a 250 square foot tiny house that wasn't as well planned out as this one is. So as a result, the one we lived in felt a lot smaller than it actually was.

The great thing about this tiny home is that it totally opens up to the outside, with a nice patio area that can be enjoyed on warm days. I absolutely love that they have not just one but 2 loft areas! Both with awesome access. One is a clothing storage area, that you close the door to the bathroom to get to and climb up the ladder on the door. How ingenious! And the other loft which is their bedroom, has actual stairs leading up to it which is awesome! The ceiling isn't so low to the ground in the lofts that you feel like you are sleeping in a coffin either. The ceiling in the sleeping loft is probably tall enough you could sit up in it, plus they have windows on all three sides up there too, which opens it up nicely and allows some good sun light in.

The other thing that is amazing is the size of the bathroom! Its big enough to have a stacked washer and dryer unit in it, which is super nice to have in your house! The only thing missing is a bath tub! I love having a bath to soak in. Otherwise this small house really has it all and is probably one of my favourites I have seen so far!

Head over to Tiny House Swoon by following the link in the description below for more!

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