Now This is a GOOD Idea! Dream Log Home

Now This is a GOOD Idea! Dream Log Home

Hot tubs and fireplaces have become luxuries to have in our homes. Imagine having a hot tub right beside your fireplace though, Now This is a GOOD Idea! You can have bothe the elements of fire and water balancing you at once. No need to light candles when you have the roaring cracking fire right next to you. This would be such a relaxing experience and judging from how much this photo has been circulating over the past year or so, people really dig the idea. When you are thinking of your dream home, would this be one of the features you would want?

You can definitely install a hot tub in your home, and this link has some really helpful tips and some very useful information for you if you want to take this feat on. While most hot tubs tend to be outside, there are many benefits to putting one inside too. It will stay cleaner, than getting all of the bugs and other creatures in it. You have added privacy, with your walls around you and you could go in the middle of a wind storm without being bothered. Of course, you are going to be spending more money in the long run to put your hot tub inside, because you have to make sure that there is proper ventilation for all of the chemicals, so they don't seep into your house, and for the moisture from the steam so you don't have any mold or mildew starting up.

You will definitely need to hire a contractor if you want this done right. There are no cutting corners on this installation. Cutting corners could lead to big problems down the road. First thing's first, you need a solid foundation to place the hot tub on. This is a must. There is no way you can even think about having a hot tub on a floor that won't be able to support it's weight. Also, it should be concrete or stone, never wood since there will definitely be water spillage from the hit tub when people get in and out and you don't want to rot the wood of your home. The HVAC work needs to be done also, for proper ventilation of the humidity and condensation. The contractor you will hire will know exactly what to do.

Although there are some benefits to having a hot tub inside, it is a lot of work from what you can see. There are some lovely hot tubs that have been built inside, so it is all possible, but make sure you go about it the right way to save yourself some disappointment later. You can read up on how to install a hot tub over at 'Home Building' by following the link in the description below.

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