Now Here's a Chalet That Would Embellish Any Yard

Now Here's a Chalet That Would Embellish Any Yard

Now here is a lovely Green Build Pastoral Style Chalet from Blog Xuite. Imagine having your own little log home that was all yours and you never had to pay rent again! That is what this pastoral style log chalet could serve as. Or, perhaps just as a simple little cabin to retreat to when you need a break from the craziness of modern day life. Just a simple spot with a little bed and a stove to cook on, maybe a mini refrigerator to store food in and a bathroom and you would be set! Log homes would be very easy and affordable to build if they were built in such as fashion as this one. This is a sweet little log tiny house that seems to be a little store or a great relaxing spot. There is no furniture in the little log house, but there are plenty of flowers and colourful artsy decorations. They have added in shelves to put in some lovely potted flowers and some teddy bears and figurines, as well as two wooden carvings of roosters. There is even a little fire place in one of the corners to keep it warm on colder days.

There is one little chair and a barrel that would be used as a table to sit at. The cute little chandelier is perfect for adding a little feminine flare to the interior of the log cabin as well. The exterior looks to be constructed with pine logs and has an incorporation of bricks. There are a few large openings, some that have opening windows and a couple that have no windows at all. Part of the ceiling at the back of the little log house is open to the outside as well, this would provide for great air flow in the log cabin, and make it perfect for hotter tropical climates. Many homes in warmer regions do not install windows because they don't really need them if they are just going to be open all of the time. Plus windows can cost quite a lot of money. A little home like this one would be lovely to add to a back yard to use as an extra area to lounge, read and relax. It could also be a nice little studio for an artist to paint in, or a writer to write in.

Even though the Blog Xuite is all in Chinese, you can enjoy looking at the photos of this lovely little log cabin on the hill in nature. You can imagine what it is used for. Perhaps it is a little photography studio, or a playhouse for a young girl to store all of her precious items in and come to enjoy whenever she likes. This would be an awesome play house for any child and would be so much fun to have a place of their own to let their imagination run free. Many people build smaller sized log units in their back yards like this one as an extra room to their house without having to add on to their existing home. This can save people a lot of hassle when trying to build since a smaller unit can pass as an accessory unit on the property. Whereas, building onto an existing home means getting permits and approval from the city as well as neighbours. Plus, needing less materials to build a log home means that the building will be more affordable to build in the long run, and you can use higher quality materials as well. Logs can cost quite a lot of money, so starting out by building a smaller unit is a great way to get stared. The Blog Xuite website is a compilation of different things. They have many different photos to browse through like these ones, as well as articles to read about current topics. Check out the photos and more!

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