Not Much Larger than the Average Mobile Home – Just Cleverer

Not Much Larger than the Average Mobile Home – Just Cleverer

Tiny homes are an amazing way to live within your means and be able to own your own home! Have you ever thought about owning a tiny home? Maybe like this Tiny House On Roids! This is called the Miller Cabin on wheels, and is one of many awesome cabin designs on Rich’s Portable Cabins. Rich manufactures his uniquely designed and spacious cabins, park models and tiny houses from his very own timbre mill. Even though there are many people who may want to take on building their own house or cabin, some just don't have the time and many don't have the craftsmanship skills to build them right. This is where Rich's company comes in to save the day, he has an awesome staff that will build the cabins for the customers and ship them out to them, depending on how far away they are of course. This offers people an easier option that could also save them time in the process, because when you have professionals who are experts at this, they will be able to manufacture it more quickly than someone with little to no experience.

Rich worked in the timber industry for years, and loves working with logs and wood to build homes. Rich bought his own parcel of timber land, and thence started building sheds to sell to people and made a really good living from that. But he didn't want to just stop there, so he started building small houses and mobile homes. Over the last several years, his business has grown into building cabins and mobile homes for people to purchase like the Miller cabin you see here. Rich has been building cabins for 15 years now, and has formulated some pretty awesome designs.

What I love about this cabin on wheels, is that it has a very open design concept and is really well thought out and laid out. If you know tiny houses on wheels, you will be surprised to see how incredibly spacious this cabin is inside. Usually tiny homes won't have a shower and bath tub in them, but this one even has a bath tub in the bathroom, which is a huge plus and a draw. The other wonderful part of this home is the bedroom, which is a loft, however, the loft isn't one of those dinky ones that you see on many tiny homes, it is a full sized bedroom space, with stairs. Plus it has walls around it for privacy. The kitchen is also a really big selling point on this cabin, it is a very good size for a hour this small and has room for a full sized refrigerator and stove. This cabin can even have a washer and dryer in it, which really makes so much of an impact on your day to day life.

The space is 312 square feet approximately, which is not too much larger than a regular tiny house on wheels. The average tiny house on wheels would be around 200 square feet and under. The reason tiny houses on wheels are built within a certain height, weight and width, is for easy transportation and for superior mobility, depending on how nomadic the people inhabiting it are. This one would be fine to be parked somewhere and would be able to be set up somewhere permanently. However, a home this size could not be a tiny house on wheels that could just be taken anywhere. There are certain guidelines and restrictions for this to ensure safety. This tiny house would make a great starter house to live in while building a larger unit, or even for someone who does want to live small. 312 square feet actually does give you quite a lot of room to spread out!

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