Not Much Larger than the Average Log Home Just Cleverer in Design

Not Much Larger than the Average Log Home Just Cleverer in Design

These days some of the log home builds you see, are large scale log homes that have you wondering whether or not they are log resorts or log lodges. When it comes to building log homes, Building A Median-Sized Home That Is Anything But Average is just as inspiring as their larger log home counterparts. While it can be inspiring seeing some of these large scale, grand log homes, the majority of people are looking for something a little smaller. Most people considering a log home or log cabin build, are going with log homes that are typically in the 2,500 square feet range, which is the average for all new types of home construction. Three bedroom log homes are a median-sized popular log home search.

Some popular median-sized log homes from the Real Log Home Plans site include the Richmond floor plan. The Richmond Log Home floor plan is 2,400 square feet, with three bedrooms on the main level and a loft space above. This log home has a cross-gable design that has an open Great Room with the living/kitchen/dining area, the master bedroom on one side of the main living area, and the other two bedrooms on the other and a full sized bathroom in between. Upstairs is a loft area that is open to the downstairs. The nice thing about log home floor plans is that you can easily change them to suit your needs. For example with the Richmond Log Home Plan, the master bedroom allows for a nice sized office. But the owners of this particular log home, wanted to do away with the office and have a larger master bedroom with a walk-in closet instead.

Another log home plan called the Wolf log home plan, had owners who changed an office space into a second bedroom. That left one wing of the log home replaced with a garage area, instead of bedrooms. Each family is going to have their own needs and preferences to make the log home work for them. On this site you will find all you need to know about log homes and log cabins from log home building tips, log home design tips, log home construction and log home design trends. You will also find articles on log home entertaining, log home fireplaces, log home entertaining, log home maintenance, and more. Who knew there was so much stuff to do with log homes? It's a whole subculture of it's own, with plenty of log home ideas and log home inspirations.

Real Log Homes is a popular name in the log home industry, and one of the oldest. They have been designing log homes all over the world, known for their unique, comfortable, elegant and durable appeal. They are a log home design and manufacturing team that has over 50 years experience. The log home company started in 1963 by Jesse Ware, who handcrafted his first log home out of white pine trees in Hartland, Vermont. The company has since grown to become one of the leading pre-cut log home brands in all of North America. The log home manufacturing facility is in Claremont, New Hampshire, and they have a large network of Independent Reps around the world that have sold over 30,000 Real Log Homes over the last 50 years. This log home company uses Eastern White Pine for the majority of their log home builds. It's economical and very strong, with good resilience and strength. The wood doesn't warp as much as others do, and it is locally available near their facility in New Hampshire. They also use Western Red Cedar which is known for it's resistant to rot and decay.

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