NINJA Tiny Cabin in Woods with Immaculate Interior that Feels WAY BIGGER Then it Seems!

NINJA Tiny Cabin in Woods with Immaculate Interior that Feels WAY BIGGER Then it Seems!

A cabin in the woods, a dream come true for many people, even if it is just to spend a night or two, some to live in permanently. This Tiny Cabin In California, Camouflaged In The Woods, is sure to make your heart swoon with cabin love. Cabins always seem to have a way of feeling super cozy and welcoming. People always seem to feel at home once they enter the doors of a cabin in the woods, and this one is no different. This lovely cabin in Dorrington, California was build back in 1968, and is still standing strong, and is still the perfect getaway in the forest.

This tiny cabin, is actually a pretty good size. The A-frame is always a nice way to build a cabin, and gives it that retro cabin feel, like many of the cabins of it's time were built. The cabins of that time were built that way when people were deciding to be a little bit more adventurous in how they designed and built homes, so they tried it out first on the cabins, cabins were a place where people would try out their more funky, non conventional home designs and they were a place for relaxation and fun.

The layout of this tiny cabin is great! The whole design is lovely, there is a great wood burning stove in the centre of the cabin, to heat the whole house. The kitchen is tucked away in a corner and has everything a cabin needs. The stairs in the living room area lead up to the bedroom and a study that has a little cute balcony! The deck on the cabin is huge and would be wonderful for entertaining and relaxing on warm summer days and nights. This tiny cabin in the woods has it all! Head over to 'Home Dit' for photos and more by clicking on the link in the description below!

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