My Tall But Tiny House

My Tall But Tiny House

Do you have a small piece of land is small that you would like to build on, and you are thinking a tiny house, but it seems like it may be just too small? Well, the truth is that it is all about making it work. This 870 sqft. home is only 18x20 in size but it has 2.5 levels so you get a lot of space without requiring too much actual land to build. So, if you want space, but you don't have much building space, think in terms of layering!A tiny house located in Nova Scotia, Canada will inspire you today and it will make you believe that there is nothing too small when your dream is that big.

Angie Campbell is the proud owner of this house and she will show you that it does not matter how small your space is when your idea is big, and that you can totally live in a house that with great planning is really spacious in the end. She turned the first floor into a reading area where she tutors kids after school. The next level is where you would find her living room and other essential home spaces like the kitchen and even the bath area. She made the ceilings, high for this one so you will have an illusion that this space is huge. And right above is her bedroom with a loft style. This home was intricately designed. There are so many tricks and tips out there that you could get and be inspired to work your tiny house on and turn them into a huge-feeling space without having to spend so much.The truth is you can easily work it with whatever piece of land you have in your building needs. Just be diligent and patient with your researches. Check out the The Tiny House Talk website to see more details of this house that we are talking about.

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