My Dream A-Frame Log Cabin

My Dream A-Frame Log Cabin

Dream a little dream...Would you just love to get away from it all and live in a cozy wood cabin or even just stay in one for a vacation? Me too! This is My Dream A-Frame Log Cabin and it is the picture-perfect type place to camp out. Camping out in an authentic log cabin is totally the next best thing to camping in a tent. You are really getting back to nature and enjoying the traditional cabin feel, with that rustic sense of living. These cabins look like they would be perfect to have a couple of beds or bunk beds in them to be able to host up to four people! Sometimes enjoying a more back to basics accommodation is just what we need to get grounded and down to earth again. Plus, you get to enjoy nature so much while you're at it!

This log cabin is a very unique design that uses a barn style roof called a gambrel style roof with a normal roof pitch on the top, but then with a continuous extension down the sides of the structure. The log cabins are really nice and simple, not a lot of fuss to them. They have a nice little patio on front and a door with a window in it to provide some light.

The picturesque setting in a private lot, surrounded by trees would be the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time in nature. Just a sweet and quaint cabin in the woods to enjoy for a while to get away from it all. The detailing on it is so lovely and reminds me of simpler times. These cabins are lovely little camp cabins that would be perfect for a resort or a camp for young boys or girls. Sometimes these types of camp cabins are used for group meetings or retreats when a workshop facilitator wants more of a nature surrounding for their retreat or workshop. Usually the camps are gathered in a circle and then there is a main building where everyone meets up once or twice a day. Then every one has their own little house that they can sleep in at night.

These could also make great backyard cabins as well. Some people enjoy putting one in their yard for an extra bedroom for guests to sleep in, or as a very simple space to serve as an office building for a home office area, or a studio space to enjoy your hobbies in. There are also options like making it into a home gym or a work out room that is detached from the house. So people can also buy these for personal use as well. Maybe it could even work as a nice little play house for your kids to play in. And when they get older it can be a cool hang out spot for them and their friends, kind of like a tree house, but on the ground. Other people just set up a living room set inside and use it as an outdoor or second living room or a reading room that is separated from the house.

Waking up in the morning with a cup of herbal tea and sitting on the porch or balcony. The birds chirping in the trees, the smell of the forest air so fresh and nourishing. Having dinners on the patio or picnics in the trees that surround the log cabin. This structure would be the perfect purchase that would be affordable and easy to maintain. It its also built out of logs and wood which is a superior material to build structures with. Even though building with logs can be expensive at times, this log cabin wouldn't cost too much since it is so small. This is how you can afford to build with great materials, when you but the quality of your materials above the size of the house or structure.

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