Musketeer Log Cabin from $66,900 Click to View Floorplans and Photos

Musketeer Log Cabin from $66,900 Click to View Floorplans and Photos

This Musketeer Log Cabin from $66,900 Click to View Floorplans and Photos is a great starter log home build for a small family for full time living, or could be used as a nice getaway on weekends and holidays. The Musketeer log cabin has a nice floor plan that allows you to live comfortably in the location of your dreams.

The Musketeer log cabin plan offers different sizes starting at 28 feet by 30 feet (840 square feet) up to 26 feet by 52 feet (1,352 square feet). The main floor of the 26 feet by 52 feet log cabin has a nice sized master bathroom with master bathroom on the main floor, with an open kitchen/dining room/living room area, a mudroom, and two bedrooms one of which has an ensuite bathroom. The covered front porch on this log cabin build extends your interior outside, by offering a nice place to sit and relax and enjoy a sheltered area outdoors. You will want to take a look at the site for the variety of log home floor plans, styles, and structures offered with most anything to suit your budget.

Shawnee Structures is a small family owned business that has been around since 1999. They specialize in building quality log structures for all sorts of log home owners, businesses and other people who need a quality log home build. Their goal is to offer and build quality log buildings at prices that are affordable, rather than to build the cheapest log home they can. They do their best to offer competitive prices, and their main focus is on the quality construction of their log home. The fact that they are a small family owned business ensures you will get personalized service. There are only ten people working with their company, so they have more control over the quality that they are offering. You can look to Shawnee Structures to build log cabins, storage shed, mini barns, camping cabins and log garages right in their shop.

Log cabins, log home builds, and log chalets have been around for hundreds of years, and in some locations are some of the first dwellings. People love log homes, and many people dream of one day owning a log home, maybe for a vacation home or for others as a place to live in full time. Log homes are just like the name implies, a home that is built out of logs. These are the homes that some of the original homesteaders of the area built with just the materials that they found on the property where they sit. You will find many log homes in areas like Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic States as log home construction is very popular there due to the availability of lots of straight and tall coniferous trees, like pine trees and spruce, perfect for building log homes. You will find that areas and climates that are warmer, and deciduous trees are more readily available; you will see more timber framed homes built.

Log homes, log chalets and log cabin builds are still a favorite amongst builders as they are a type of home that proves to be both comfortable and durable. Log homes and log cabins keep getting better as the years go by, with builders coming up with more innovative log home designs and log home builds. Log homes have proven to be a home that offers energy saving, depending on the width of their logs, the percentage going up. There is just something about a log home made out of natural materials that we can't resist, and will continue to enjoy for years to come.

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