Most Perfect Log Cabin Only $25,000 (50% OFF!) Check out these Floor Plans!

Most Perfect Log Cabin Only $25,000 (50% OFF!) Check out these Floor Plans!

When it comes to small log homes and cabins, the Woodsman is a perfect design for small house living or for that vacation cabin you've always dreamed of. The log house kit comes from eLog Homes and is a total of 484 square feet with 1 bedroom and a sleeping loft on the upper level as well as one bathroom and a beautiful deck outside. The company has plenty of log home plans and designs to choose from including small log homes like this, but also larger luxury log home plans and designs as well. So depending on what you're looking for, they should have something that will suit your needs. For the set of blueprints for this log house design it costs $299.95, and you get the preliminary blueprints at 1/4 inch scale. It includes the floor plans for the front, back, right and left elevation drawings which you will need to have to obtain any permits you'll need to build your log house or cabin. When you're choosing a log house or cabin for your property, you'll also want to make sure that you choose a part of your property that makes the most sense to build your log house or cabin on.

Choosing the flattest area on your property will be the easiest building option but if you want your home in a specific area and that happens to be on a hill or cliff you could talk to the contractors to see if that could work as well. You will also have to have a foundation installed that matches the blueprints of your log house design, which can be done by a separate contractor or company. The overall price of the Woodsman log house is $25,000 which is a great price on a real log house. The overall cost of the build will also depend on the finishings you choose as well as if you're going to do some of the labour or if a contractor will be doing a lot of it for you. The cost per square foot for log home plans and designs usually starts out at $100 going up to $150 or even $200, and this all depends on the finishing touches, materials and the size of the build as well. It's essential you also ask or find out what is included in a log house kit from the company you're ordering from.

With eLog Homes, they include all of the treated materials that will connect the foundation to the floor of the log house. You'll also get the floor system for the first floor of the log house and a sill plate for the second floor. Also included in their packages are the pre-cut and numbered exterior walls logs and the accessories, the interior wall framing, and the roof system. The roof system includes everything you need to create a fully insulated and shingled roof to protect the home. They also include the second story wall framing and matching log siding for the second story walls and the lower portion of the log house as well. Also included are insulated windows and doors and all of the deck materials too. The main things that are not included are all of the electrical and plumbing fittings, all of the cabinetry and appliances, as well as any bathroom and kitchen fixtures. So be sure that your budget to include all of these things beyond the price of the log house package. If you're looking for some inspiration for your own log home plans and designs check out the small log homes from eLog Homes and see just how beautiful log houses can be.***

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