More Innovative and Faster to Build than Any Log Cabin Kit on the Market (Click for Floor Plan)

More Innovative and Faster to Build than Any Log Cabin Kit on the Market (Click for Floor Plan)

The Columbus I: Square Footage log cabin is a great sizes space to use as a vacation home to enjoy with family and friends. The 1,207 square foot log cabin has everything you need on one floor of log cabin living space. The main level of this log home has an open kitchen and dining room, a living room, a master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet, two bedrooms and a bathroom. This is a nice and simple log home floor plan, that has all the space you need to vacation comfortably while you are away. Have you ever stayed in a log cabin while vacationing? A log cabin is an ideal place to stay when you are looking for a vacation that is relaxing and close to nature. Typically log cabins are located close to forests, lakes and mountains so you can't help but want to get outside, go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air. There is something about the natural materials used in a log cabin, and the natural surroundings that make everything feel a bit more relaxed. You breathe better, sleep better and feel rejuvenated for when you have to go back to work.

The Blue Ridge Log Cabins site is a great place to go if log home and log cabin living are something you are interested in. On the log home website, you will find plenty of log home and log cabin floor plans to dream about. Some of the log cabin topics you will find on the site include log home plans, log home budgeting, log home design and log home floor plans. You will also find log home builds, maintaining a log home, log home furnishings, and log home companies and products.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins was started in 1992, and is widely thought to be the most innovative log home company of its kind in America. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held log home companies in the country two years running. They have created a modular log home-building practice for the upscale log cabin industry, which reduces the time, cost, and risk that is normally associated with log home construction thanks to the state-of-the-art, 110,000-square-foot log home production facility located in South Carolina. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is capable of completing as many as 15 custom log homes that range in size from 500- to 8,000-square-feet every week.

The modular log homes that are built by Blue Ridge Log Cabins are Americas' only solid log modular homes. They are hand stacked in a factory setting, they currently exceed the log home building standards and virtually eliminate the effects of potentially damaging weather. Blue Ridge Log Cabins builds all of their prefabricated sections, also called prefabs inside of their state of the art indoor facility. They can produce a more uniform log home product with a guaranteed quality. They build up to 90-100 percent of the log home in factory. Blue Ridge Log Cabins can accurately project the exact cost of your log home, and then complete your log home or log cabin without involving expensive, specialized, and difficult to find log home builders and sub-trades in the log home construction process. This is a unique approach to log home building, but one that works. All the log home building materials are stored in their large production facility, to they have more control over the whole log home building process, thus ensuring that you get the exact log home or log cabin that you envisioned.

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