Modular Log Cabins Like This Can Be Very Cost Effective Sometimes Starting as Low as $35k

Modular Log Cabins Like This Can Be Very Cost Effective Sometimes Starting as Low as $35k

So, be sure that you take some time today to check out this Cape Cod Modular Log Cabin, and spend time to admire just how neat and tidy this layout and design really is. It is a well made and designed log home. The whole log cabin is built on a single floor, with the bedrooms efficiently located upstairs, and the garage is very tidily tucked away on one side of the structure. That means you can jump out of the car (and back in to it) without going outside. That is a great feature when the weather is not cooperating, and you are dealing with rain, snow, wind or the other elements as you try to get to work or play. So the garage is a real show stopper in this structure. As well, the front porch is inviting and friendly, and your guests, kids, family and friends, will spend many hours just hanging out side. This space is large, friendly and open, and really gives you a whole lot more space. Even on rainy days, with the over hanging porch roof, you and your family can hang out here. That is real function for a space in any part of your home.

The entry way is quiet, centrally located at the front of the house, as a solid construction door. It invites a knock from the people who come to visit. On either side of the door way run the other parts of the home including the kitchen, living room and bedrooms (and, of course, bathrooms). They are all functionally located for both enjoyment and privacy. Front windows allow plenty of light and fresh air to circulate throughout the space, but with the front porch acting as both an invitation and a buffer, the windows are also very private. The upper story has dormer windows that form small peaks on the front of the house making it even more appealing and open to the street. Yet, the windows are still very high and so they are also very secure, safe, as well as remaining quite private.

This truly, compact and lovely log home has a peaked roof so the snow, rain and other elements will always run right off the roof and away from the house. This is a great design strategy. That method means that this roof will last a long time. Even the slight roof over the exterior porch has a good pitch to it, ensuring that water and snow fall off and out away from the home. The logs used to build the exterior structure are made to code, and so will last a life time. The open railing around the porch deck ensures safety, but still allows people to see beyond the porch deck. The deck in this particular photograph has been made using poured cement. This method is a great idea because it ensures the porch will last a long time, not collect water or snow, and will be easy to sweep clean when or if leaves fall on it, or other debris. This is a wonderful log home design that you might want to check out if you have any plans in the future to build or buy a cape cod modular log home. See it today!

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