Mobile Homes That Look Like Log Cabins

Mobile Homes That Look Like Log Cabins

Here we showcase some pictures of mobile homes that look like log cabins and perhaps this may be just the perfect fit for your family. After all if you're like so many of us you've likely dreamed of owning that perfect little log cabin, a place you could retreat to after an exhausting week in the city. Who doesn't desire to own that little piece of paradise, somewhere to reconnect with nature and your loved ones. But what if you cannot locate the ideal property? Or if securing that exceptional piece of land just seems out of reach?

If obtaining land is standing in the way of your dream home you're certainly not alone. Land is at a premium to say the least and depending on where you're located sometimes the hit to the pocket book can be excruciating. So maybe you try looking a little further out of the city centre, take a Sunday drive for four hours and see where you end up. Real estate values may be more attainable at that point and if they are great! For most people driving more that four hours seems to impede there ability to use a weekend getaway. Thinking about it logically if you're packed and ready to go at 5pm, you make some sandwiches at home and you jump in the car to get to your little shack in the woods. Four hours is a doable drive, gets you tucked into your favorite blanket cuddled in your deck chair with a glass of wine comfortably by 930pm. However, if you need to drive more than that all of a sudden you feel as though you arrive in the middle of the night and really... you do.

This is where a mobile home can be ideal, it's a quaint little cottage that you can park just about anywhere. If you're able to buy a little piece of property you can pull up in this little unit, drop it and you're ready to enjoy. As the years pass and finances change if you're able to build your dream log home than this first little cabin can be an exceptional guest suite! Either way, you get to realize your dream a little sooner and that my friend is ideal!

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