Micro Houseboat You Can Build for Cheap

Micro Houseboat You Can Build for Cheap

There are many people that are very interested in talking about houses and architecture in general. Some of the people are already investing in their homes while some are in the planning stages to build or purchase a home. There are many people who are still planning to have a home, and if you are one of them, you might even contemplate the fact that there are different kinds of homes out there. Houses differ in structural designs, for example. They can also range in size as well. One type of house gaining some popularity presently, is called a micro - houseboat.

You really don't need to spend a lot of money to build one of these awesome structures. The one you see in this post, has a name too, she is called "Diane Rose" built by Roy Schryer, the man behind the "Roy Built That" website. He has built a lot of really neat things including some other boats called Petal and Thorn. This beautiful house boat was built fully equipped with comfortable seating that transforms into a full bed in the main part of the interior of the boat, as well as a little kitchenette and there even seems to be a little bathroom as well. This boat is so adorable, and looks great whether it's out on the water, or up on land. Roy not only uses his micro house boat in the water, but he uses her as a camper as well, and can tow it behind his van. He can seat several people inside the boat on the seating he has created and he takes friends and family on day trips out on the water in it. The people can also stay for some lunch or dinner, as he has also constructed a dining table for everyone to be able to eat at! What a great idea isn't it? The boat is totally well loved and well used. Roy also has plans up on his website that show you how you can make one of these house boats yourself. He sells the study plans, and the full plans which cost around $300 for you to use as you like. He is even able to include a full manual, that shows you how to build it!

When you decide to build your own home there are many upsides. For one, if you have the skills, you can showcase your talent and creativity in the crafting of your very own home that you can be proud of for years to come. Another plus to building your own home is that you will be able to decide the size of the home, as well as the design. During the building process, you can make use of and implement recycled materials into your home, like rejected lumber from previous projects, old but useful metals, beautiful stained glass, and a so much more. It can even have wheels built onto it, so that it may be used on land as well as in water. Also, with the wheels, you could then also use it for a trailer. It also makes it easier to move around once you are on land as well.

Actually there are a lot of differing ways you can use your micro - houseboat. You can live on it and make it your full-time house. An affordably built micro - houseboat can also be used for an adventure of course. This can be a perfect for relaxation and can be your zen space to get away from it all. You could go floating down the river and look at the trees and see wonderful wildlife, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Doesn't that seem relaxing? If you want to make your adventure extra special, you can bring your loved ones along with you, and share your hand crafted micro houseboat too.

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