Manufactured log homes are ideal for people who

Manufactured log homes are ideal for people who

Manufactured log homes are ideal for people who want to live in a residence that boasts the lowest building expenses, plus the fastest construction time with the most flexibility and diversity in designs for both interior and exterior. Some of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Log Homes have been Modular Log homes and Prefab Log Cabins, and this design allows the homes to be built in 3-4 weeks versus months and months for other construction methods. This is important as it reduces the exposure of the beams to moisture during the initial construction process. Building the log homes this older more traditional way, would open up the wood to be exposed to the elements and therefore become problematic for the possibility of warping, mildew and mold.

With the use of logs in the construction process, you can be sure that no two homes are alike, as the many designs are customizable and there are a vast array of options to choose from. Clients can even suggest a plan or draft plans for the log home itself. The technique has advanced that the modular pieces can be assembled to suit any clients wishes with wide variety of finish levels, and a vast array of additional features to make any first/vacation home or dream home a dream come true!Believe it or not these beautiful log homes are usually primary residences, contrary to popular belief!

"Modular" home building saves time and money and takes a fractions of time, design and cost of other construction methods! Used for: starter homes, vacation homes and even custom designed beautiful mansions, most families that choose to live in log homes live close to metropolitan instead of beach or hunting cabins or remote weekend getaways. Tpbpn Interior Ideas Source has some of Top 10 Most Beautiful Log Homes pictures via the link below!

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