Man Builds Tiny House for Less Than $5k for his Family

Man Builds Tiny House for Less Than $5k for his Family

You will want to watch this tiny house video of how a man builds s tiny house for less than $5k for his family of five. It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. This man built a tiny house of 192 square feet for him and his family, where they live comfortably together, and it cost them less than $5000. You can watch the short videos on the steps it took to build their tiny house, and what life is like living in a tiny house.

A man with a family of five started on this tiny house project in 2012 and finished it a year later. He did all of the tiny house building himself and found a lot of the materials he used for the tiny house build on Craigslist. He used salvaged materials, including a free travel trailer that he stripped down completely, and was able to finish the entire tiny home for less than $5,000. He got the two by 4-foot lumber from Lowe's and always found deals on the wood. The tiny house build did take a lot of work, but now the family is enjoying the things they like to do the most, living happily in their mortgage-free tiny house.

You can take a look at the tiny house videos of this build. The first video shows all the steps it took to build the tiny house. The video starts with the family purchasing a travel trailer, which the father tears apart and salvages some of the metal and wood to be reused. They were left with the travel trailer that the father builds the tiny house on. He has no prior experience with building, so this tiny house build is quite the accomplishment. He has to do all the framing, and walls, along with the electrical. It goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to. He used Google Sketchup to design the tiny house design, and he found things like oak kitchen cabinets for free on Craigslist, and windows on sale for next to nothing. This is the type of tiny house project that you have to be patient with and look around to find good deals on new stuff, recycled stuff, and building materials on sale. It's amazing in the end that this tiny house only cost them less than $5000.

Just recently the family has given away their tiny house to a minister who lives in New York, and they are now planning to buy themselves a good sized 5th wheel travel trailer so they can travel the country together as a family.

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