Man Builds Tiny Home in 9 Days for $1600 on No Code Land

Man Builds Tiny Home in 9 Days for $1600 on No Code Land

We are entering a different phase of our evolution as humans on this planet, and we are seeing that the main stream, present way of life, is not working for everyone. Many people are in over their heads with debt, and owe more than they might even be able to ever pay off in their life times. It is a huge problem that many people all over the world face, but mostly Americans face, because of the sheer cost of living in the country. Homes are very expensive, and North Americans live under the illusion that we need huge houses, to fit into this concept of living the American Dream. There are so many people that strive all of their lives to live some one else's idea of how to live life. It has been something that has been ingrained into people's minds, that we need more to be worth more. But this is quickly changing and many people are realizing that you do not at all need all of that to create a happy and fulfilling life.

This is what John Wells realized, and he decided to make a change. He was a set designer in his life in New York, and he drew upon that experience to build his own set of his home environment. John lived in a 2800 square foot home in his old life in New York, but he realized that he didn't want to live his life paying off his house and be bogged down by a life that required him to work 7 days a week, just to stay afloat. He ditched his huge house and with the money he got, he bought 40 acres of land in West Texas in an area called Brewster, for only $8000! His property taxes are only $300 per year, which is what he says would have been paying for every couple of weeks to live in his house, and that his property taxes alone were $1000 per month! How can anyone really afford to live like that by themselves with no help from anyone else?

He moved to his property several years ago and hasn't looked back. John says that he always knew since he was a little kid that he wanted to live on his own out in nature. Live in solitude enjoying his freedom. The nice thing about building on the section of land he built on, is that there are no building codes. He says that anything under 10 acres can have certain government regulations, like having to have proper up to code septic. His property doesn't have to be up to any codes though, since it is 40 acres. He has a composting toilet as well as an out door shower. Living in the desert has it's perks, because it is warm all year round, but it can get very hot at times, which is why he installed an amazing evaporative cooling system for his home, which he describes more in the video on his website. This is an amazing home and story showing us all how amazing self sustainable living can be. We just need to rely on ourselves, and build the world we wish to live in. Enjoy this awesome article and video!

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