Man Builds 12x12 Tiny Pallet Cabin with FREE Pallet Wood

Man Builds 12x12 Tiny Pallet Cabin with FREE Pallet Wood

Everyone in the world has a right to shelter, protection from the elements, something to keep us safe and warm, unfortunately, that is not always the case and especially today with the rising costs of homes, there are many people without a shelter. This inspiring "Man Builds 12x12 Tiny Pallet Cabin with Free Pallet Wood," goes to show that it is possible to build a home for free, it might not be very big, but that's okay, it's a home nonetheless.

Kevin Bentley built this little cabin and Derek "KEEK" Diedricksen of Relax shares a video worth watching. The 12 by 12 tiny pallet cabin was built with free pallets and reclaimed pieces of wood. The cabin can be used for simple living, or used as a hunting sack, micro guest house, weekend retreat or whatever you decide. The 144 square foot cabin also has a bench made from pallets, donated windows, and a door from a dumpster, so yes this house was built entirely for free, there is enough recyclable material to use in this world to help people who need it. With that said you would still need a place to build the cabin, but I think this is just a great example of what we can do.

Now this cabin might be small, but for those who have seen other small homes and exactly what you can do with a small place, its safe to say it is possible to live in such a small cabin, by making good use of the structure, using a bench that has storage underneath, or couch that folds into a bed. By being innovative with what you have, its amazing what you can do to the interior of a place, by making use of every inch of the interior.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Talk" website.

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