Magnificent Charentes Log Cabin for 3,600

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Magnificent Charentes Log Cabin for 3,600

Log homes and cabins are a timeless classic when it comes to residential architecture. A log kit can be purchased for this Magnificent Charentes Log Cabin for 3,600. Having more covered indoor space is becoming and more popular, and people are looking for companies that can offer a no fuss plan with materials for affordable prices. This backyard cabin comes from Buy Log Cabins Direct, a company from the UK, and can be ordered right from their website, that you can find the link for in the article that we link you to.

This particular backyard unit, is shown being used for a back yard gym. Many people are opting to do this, rather than having to pay to go use a gym, and have to walk or drive or take the bus to one... Why not just have a full on gym in your back yard, right by your home? It is also less intimidating for some to work out in the comfort of their own home rather than having to go to a place filled with people. You can also listen to your own music and you don't have to worry about everyone else's sweat being all over the equipment! This one is 5.5 meters by 4 meters, so there is plenty of room to put work out gear, or perhaps make it into a home office or art studio!

Log home kits are a wonderful way to build anything, from a large to a small project like this one! The logs used in the kits from most of these companies come from sustainable tree plantations, where the trees are grown specifically to be used for log housing and other log building projects. This helps keep all of the ancient growth forests in tact and thriving, and so its a more sustainable way to build beautiful, quality homes and cabins. You can see the Magnificent Charentes log cabin and their other log homes and cabins on the 'Goods Home Design' website by following the link in the description below!

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