Lovely Log Cabin is SURPRISINGLY Spacious Inside

Lovely Log Cabin is SURPRISINGLY Spacious Inside

Once a person has lived in a log cabin or home, it might be hard to go back to living in anything else. This absolutely Lovely Log Cabin gallery from Beaver Log Cabins, is such a great gallery of cabins, and you can get the kits for them and build them yourself, or have a contractor build one for you. The nice thing about the log cabin kits is that they come with everything that is needed to build the home. They are pretty straight forward to put together and make in to a home in a pretty short amount of time, sometimes as little as a weekend and you can have one ready to use!

The gallery on their website shows a bunch of the cabins that they sell kits for, including interiors as well as exteriors. You see the wide array of different options there are out there and realize how many different and awesome designs there really are! It's great to buy a house this way, because you know you will get exactly what you want, from the design to the materials used. I love the darker stained ones, with an almost cherry wood stain, it gives the home such a rich and vibrant look.

Beaver Log Cabins has a variety of things they build and sell kits for, from play grounds, to home offices, guestrooms, to larger offices and small homes. They have a little bit of everything. Their play grounds look pretty awesome! It sure beats all of that plastic stuff they have out for kids now. The wood that is used for materials in their project comes from sustainably grown trees too, that are responsibly used and regrown as they are used. They have an excellent staff that is willing to answer any questions you may have too! So head over and check them out at 'Beaver Log Cabins' by clicking the link in the section below!

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