Lovely 2-Story Cabin with Front Porch Only $99k Very Cool Floor Plans

Lovely 2-Story Cabin with Front Porch Only $99k Very Cool Floor Plans

The beautiful thing about log homes is that they will always be a timeless and sustainable type of housing. You can get a log home like thisLovely 2-Story Cabin with Front Porch Only $99k Very Cool Floor Plans! If you would like to have a home that is beautiful, but also very eco conscious, than this type of home is definitely something you want to look into more. There are so many places that offer pre fabricated log homes and cabins now. Wood Tex Products, is one that is lovely and very affordable to build for yourself. They have so many great options to choose from, which allow you to choose from smaller homes to larger homes. You can even upgrade the square footage on a home that you buy, and there are different options that you can choose from with each house.

Wood Tex Products offers plans and pre fabricated log home kits, that you can purchase to be shipped to your home, once there, you can have a contractor build the home for you. Or, if you feel comfortable building it yourself, you can always do that, depending on the size of the home you are building and the work that goes into it. Usually it is best to hire a contractor, just because you want to be sure that everything gets built properly. It is a structure you will be living in, so you do want it to be the optimal safety.

You can get a free estimate on what it may cost to build the home that you like. The Gatlinburg Log Home is a unique looking log home and it almost kind of looks like a nice little barn style house. The way that they roof is angled mostly is what makes it look like a barn, but it is a very nice design. As the house gets built bigger, the style changes a bit, which is kind of cool. So it shows you that this company will work with their clients to help them get the home of their dreams that they truly love and want. The house is not too large, nor too small, it seems like the perfect size at 1080 square feet overall, with 2 bedrooms and a loft space above on the second level and one bathroom on the main level.

The kitchen, living room and dining room provides a nice open concept living space where you can live, as well as entertain guests, as well as a cute, well sized porch on the front of the house. Log homes and cabins are absolutely wonderful structures to live in. They provide us with a stronger sense of connection with the environment and are one of the oldest most traditional ways of building homes. Made out of one of the more sustainable building materials, you will feel good about living in a structure built with logs and timber. Plus, your home would last for years. There are plenty of amazing designs over at Wood Tex Products, that you can enjoy looking at, and you can even ask them any questions you may have. Log homes are a great, affordable way to build the home of your dreams!

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