Loved by the Owners and Envied by Their Neighbors (Click for Floor Plan)

Loved by the Owners and Envied by Their Neighbors (Click for Floor Plan)

Quality craftsmanship is important when purchasing a log home – from the type of timber used, to the drying processes and milling operations as well as the skilled labor involved. If you want to be sure you’re purchasing a quality log home, one of the leading log home manufacturers – located in north central Ohio – is Hochstetler Milling Ltd. Every log home they produce is done so with precision and the quality you would expect from traditional Amish craftsmen. With over 45 log home designs, and the ability to modify any existing plan, or even build custom, you shouldn’t find it difficult to find the right log home. The Woodhaven Log Home is a stunning example of fine, quality craftsmanship, and with its many beautiful design features, it might just be the perfect log haven for you!

So, welcome to the Woodhaven! And, welcome to a design that is tailored to today’s lifestyle, coupled with an outstanding log home appearance that makes log homes so popular in the first place. This is a beautiful little 3-bedroom gem. The downstairs features an open-concept living room with a stunning cathedral ceiling – with traditional exposed timbers – as well as a warm and inviting stone fireplace. The downstairs also contains two bedrooms and a full bathroom. The upstairs is where the real magic takes place – and this loft-style floor boasts a master bedroom, a large private bath large enough to fit a hot tub, and an impressively large walk-in closet. The small, open loft is also suitable for a small entertainment centre and is also designed as a place to simply relax. The Woodhaven Log Home proves that some of the best things come in small packages.

What can you expect from Hochstetler Milling Ltd.? Savings. Buying directly from their factory cuts out the middle man, resulting in up to %30 savings. You can also expect quality. All of the logs and beams are not only inspected and graded but also certified. The state-of-the-art Yates Planer enables Hochstetler to mill logs and beams with extreme precision, resulting in tighter fits and more energy-efficient logs, as well as easier time saving installation. All logs are also air-dried first and then finished in the dry kiln to produce the best log possible.

Also, log home buyers have options, and that’s important! When purchasing the log home of your dreams, you want to be able to have a ‘say’ and with Hochstetler, you do. This quality log home manufacturer offers a selection of log species, including Northern White Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar and Southern Cypress. Why is the type of log important in a log home build? Some of it comes down to look, style and personal preference as well as cost. But logs, like anything else, have different qualities and strengths. Eastern White Pine, for instance, is an excellent choice because it offers a high R-value (thermal resistance, meaning how it acts as an insulator) for a low cost. It also has low shrinkage, meaning your house will settle far less in the following years. White Cedar is a very versatile wood and is also among the highest R-value of any of the timber species that are commonly used on log homes. It is also decay and insect resistant. Both Cypress and Red Cedar are well-suited for extremely humid areas due to their natural resistance to insects and decay. But these timbers have a lower R-value and are better suited for warmer climates. Wood selection isn’t your only option with Hochstetler Milling Ltd. You can make choices regarding profiles and corner joints, roofing, trim, stain and a number of other options that are important when designing and building your dream log home. But Hochstetler Milling Ltd. is used to helping happy home buyers realize their log home dreams. That's one of the reasons the Woodhaven Log Home was designed in the first place!

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