Log Home Plan Ideas and Inspiration: The Countryside

Log Home Plan Ideas and Inspiration: The Countryside

Without a doubt, living in the places where you can be one with nature is the most preferred choice of a number of individuals who are already tired in their busy and expensive city life. This is especially true to retirees out there. If you are worrying because you do not own a house away from the city, then you can hopefully take those worries away. Consider the Countryside Log Home Plan as your beautiful house, where living a great, simple, and healthy life is possible. The Countryside is actually a 2-storey house. What is great about this house is the fact that it has a basement space that you can maximize for usage and create any lifestyle that you dream of.

Okay, so let's get more well-acquainted with The Countryside's floor plan. The underground or lower level of The Countryside Log Home is composed of the basement, mechanical room, storage room, and a bathroom. This goes to show that its lower level can be used in storing your stuff properly like old and defective appliances, furniture that can still be recycled, and many other ideas. The first level of this house is where you can see the shed porch, dining room, another bathroom, the great room, an open cable porch, a deck, a master bedroom, a kitchen, and the master bathroom. The first floor plan shows that this is where you will accommodate your visitors since this is where the main door is located. This is also where you will prepare and enjoy your meal times. In the second and the last level, you will see the loft, another bathroom and 2 more bedrooms.

Now who says a simple and affordable The Countryside Log Home cannot meet your demands when it comes to home facilities? The Countryside Log Home Plan speaks to it all. So, do not hesitate to consider it as your home if you decide to get away from the stress-filled and demanding city life.

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