Log Home Plan Feature: The The Lakewood Log Cabin Inspiration Design

Log Home Plan Feature: The The Lakewood Log Cabin Inspiration Design

Have you lived in the city for a good part of your life? Do you dream of leaving the noise and pollution and long for fresh air? Would you like a change of view from skyscrapers to trees and lakes?

If you have been considering a big change in your life and are exploring the idea of living in a log home, then you may already have started looking at log home plans and companies.

You can expect to feel at peace inside your Lakewood Log home. The solid construction and design of the house helps to minimize outside noises. Let's take a look a some of the details in the floorplan.

The Lakewood has a total of 1901 square feet of living space. There are a lot of windows allowing you great views of the outdoors while you relax inside. There is a feature stone fireplace and the photos in this one show a rustic finishing. Everything you would imagine a log home would have. There is also a porch with railings that you are going to be able to spend lots of family time on, eating great outdoor meals and making family memories.

The Lakewood has two levels. The first floor of the Lakewood measures 1312 sq.ft. The first level has an open floor plan design with the kitchen, dining room and great room. There is a utility room off the kitchen. The large master bedroom and bathroom are also located on the main floor plus there is an additional bathroom off the kitchen.

You can walk out onto the porch from the great room and the master bedroom also gives you access to the outdoors.

The second level is 589 sq.ft. and here you will find a large loft and an open floor plan to the main level.

If you are interested in more details and pictures on the Lakewood, please visit the 'Expedition Log Homes LCC' website below.

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