Log Home Plan Feature: The Mountainaire

Log Home Plan Feature: The Mountainaire

The 'Mountainaire' is a gorgeous log home nestled in the back woods and surrounded by tall evergreen pine trees. With large windows expanding throughout the home, it is easy to understand how one would feel like the richest person in the world staying here. There is plenty of deck space in order to enjoy the views with the fresh air hitting your cheeks. Upon entering the home, you will be charmed by their bear wood carvings that so sweetly welcome you home. Who ever said that coming across a bear in the woods had to be scary! There is plenty of space to set up some outdoor furniture of your favorite style where you can sit with your morning coffee or an afternoon tea. this home is finished with a beautiful rock fire place with a classicly simple pine mantle piece. The living room offers so much natural light to whomever is lucky enough to spend some time there. The kitchen is designed to be right near the living room so that it is easy to mingle and enjoy the company of guests while preparing the family or catering meal. In the games room there is plenty of space for a pool table, some air hockey or perhaps you are a yoga enthusiast and love the idea of a big open space to practice your downward dogs? The master bedroom is also filled with windows, because really, why be surrounded by nature if you can't enjoy it every moment your eyes are open. For those of you who just can't get enough wood, the office has a fantastic wooden desk to get your work done.

The home and design comes from Expedition Log Homes which was created through a mutual love of the natural feel and beauty found in a wood home. This company has grown because of their commitment to providing quality finished homes. The staff and builders are long time log home building professionals and have been in operation for nearly 15 years. They work with an amazing group of employees so that every step of the way you will be thrilled with their service. Since they want you to have the true experience of a log home, all of their log homes are still peeled with a drawknife, which if you have ever had a chance to try this, you will agree it is no small feat. They have a fantastic kiln drying facility, and all of their spaces are prided on being clean and organized.

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