Log Home Excellence. Do NOT Miss the Interior Photos for this Amazing Masterpiece

Log Home Excellence. Do NOT Miss the Interior Photos for this Amazing Masterpiece

Here is a Splendid Log Home With Beautiful Interior that you should check out to give you some ideas about how creative you could be with a log home. Todays contemporary log homes are stylish, up-to-date, modern conveniences with plenty of splash. You will love their new look and style, if you have not visited a log home in recent years. So spend some time on this web site and see what todays log homes have to offer.

This particular model of log home is called the Ashworth, by the designers, Expedition Log Homes. The Ashworth, from the front, is an impressive, but quietly built home. You can see the elegance just from the way the house sits in its lot, waiting for the owners to open the front door and welcome their visitors. A front porch invites you to step up and out of the sun. If you are driving, park in one of the two attached garages. The garages are so subtly built that you might think they are a part of the house proper until you take a very close look at the construction. The two garages blend in perfectly to the house and their surroundings. On the far side at the front, away from the vehicle garages, there is a gazebo, attached as part of the house. The windows sweep all the way around the gazebo, making it sunny and inviting. Stone work makes up part of the gazebo, and makes it appear stunning and impressive. This is a structure that will stand as long as it needs to. In this model, the honey brown of the logs is complemented by a rich green roof. The contrast is natural and inviting. You will like this color combination, although there are many to choose from.

The other side of the house is just as impressive. A great set of stairs leads to a long deck that runs almost the full side of the house. You can enter from here straight in to the great room, or go to either side for a side entry way. The kitchen is spectacular, done with wood ceilings and wood cupboards that are custom designed and fit to this space. Stonework on the walls picks up on the stone that is part of the exterior structure, as well as found on the fire place. This entire log home speaks to sturdy construction and a structure that will last forever. A granite counter top, inset stove, and stainless steel refrigerator and other appliances make this kitchen a wonder to behold. The bump up easily sits several people, so you can work in the kitchen and not miss out on the conversation with your friends and guests. This kitchen opens up to the massive dining room. And the dining area looks out to the great room. There is a sense of continuity and flow throughout this design space.

This log home has three levels. The lower level has a family room, more bathrooms, and bedrooms. The middle floor is where the kitchen, living room, entertainment area and great room are located. Lots of living will be done here. The upper area contains a loft and area that could be developed for any purpose that you require. The entire log home runs 4,958 square feet. The lower level runs 2,295 square feet. The first floor is 2,295 square feet, while the second floor, or loft area, is a tidy 368 square feet.

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