Log Cabins

Log Cabins

If you are to choose, which one would you prefer: log home or concrete house? “Both are excellent and have qualified for my perfect taste. However, I see concrete houses everywhere and I know adequate information about them. In fact, it’s what I live in right now and I love it! On the other hand, log cabins are still foreign to me. The photos are enticing, but my knowledge about log houses is still fixed to zero base. If you love living in a concrete house, I am sure you would fall in love with log cabins too. But like you said, you still don’t know much information about it. When you fall in love, you get to know the person, right? Same thing I’m going to do today too. *winks* This time, I will dedicate this article to log cabins.

Log cabins are typically made of logs. According to Wikipedia, “the term ‘log cabin’ is not preferred by most contemporary builders, as it generally refers to a smaller, more rustic log house such as a hunting cabin in the woods, or a summer cottage.” According to Mark and Sue Lemmons in Log Cabin Connections website, Finland leads in innovation and design techniques in the world of manufactured log homes. Holland, Japan and South Korea are also into log cabins. Milled or manufactured log homes and handcrafted log homes are two main kinds of log homes.

One advantage of log cabins is its flexibility of construction options. “Often people only think of a stacked log wall, but many other styles, cuts, and variations exist,” Mark and Sue say. D-Log is the most commonly used style of all logs. “To form this log profile, the log is milled uniformly down the length with one side flattened. This leaves the log in the D shape. The flat side of the D is turned towards the inside of the home, yielding flat surfaces for the interior walls.”

For more information about the features, kinds, and styles of log cabins, click Log Cabin Connections website below and let Mark and Sue fill you in. *winks*

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