Log Cabins, Log Cabins, Log Cabins!

Log Cabins, Log Cabins, Log Cabins!

When you come to Waterville, Maine area; drop by first in Real Log Home and check out their fabulous log cabins. One of the best things about Maine Log homes is that, it is larger than the usual found in many areas. Actually a log home floor plans come in various size and shapes, from cozy to luxurious vacations home floor plans or to everything in between. You will surely love the ambiance they provide.

Indeed this beautiful Maine Log Home is unique and appealing showing a great deal of character with its choice in exterior finishes. A log home does not need to only emphasize the use of logs. Many people love the complete 'log look' while other people find a log home is just too much. Log homes can be built to suit your taste. Long gone is the notion of a little cabin, sitting in the woods with its aged, naturally blackened logs! Luxury log homes are the trend now.

There are lots of experienced and talented builders that can advise you. You can incorporate a variety of finishes to the exteriors which means more colours and textures to contrast the logs. The use of stone also adds charm and appeal to the exterior of a log house. Wood and stone create a perfect harmony. Roof pitches, finishes and colours should be considered along with decorative decks, balconies and railings.

The possibilities of finishing your home are only limited by your own imagination. Look at lots of pictures of homes and consider your environment, neighbouring homes and work to design a home that has a cohesive appealing finish. Let your imagination run wild. Plan now, sketch plus draft and design later; are only few samples of steps to make your first move to achieve your dream log cabin. Good luck and more power!

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